January 26, 2017

Marketing Case Studies

equestrian marketing case studiesSEO Case Study – Goal was to increase online sales for an $30M established dual b2b and e-commerce site.  Using ongoing SEO changes, use of tools, keywords and monitoring, this site saw a yearly increase of 14% e-commerce sales. This was a well established website with already consistent traffic, so that was a significant change for them. Leadership team was thrilled. 




equestrian marketing case study

Content and Media Case Study – After working with a custom manufacturing client for 6 months using a combined media and content strategy, the client reported that the number of requests for quotes for new projects had doubled in Q1 when compared with the previous year’s Q1 numbers. Happy client!





equestrian marketing case study

Marketing Case Study – An SEO and social media growth project for an e-commerce site to help with driving traffic to the sales side of the website. The site already had a well-followed and established blog for its main audience.

To address this, a plan was created specifically to help push sales on social media, clean up SEO performance on the website with specific work regarding keywords, work on social media posting strategy, creating improved and researched product descriptions, and an SEO toolkit.

The result? Shop traffic has now increased above blog readership, with increased sales traffic overall from this summer by 15%, and increased monthly overall site traffic by 161% in the last 6 months.

My proven program gets results, because I take the time to understand your needs and tailor a strategy for those needs.


equestrian marketing case studyContent Build Case Study – FGC worked with a supplement product brand to create web content focusing on user benefits and a supporting social media campaign to drive traffic to a nationwide distributor/seller for a specific product.

The work resulted in a 150% increase in site users in the first three weeks. In addition, important online product ratings and feedback from product users were also gained as part of this effort.



equestrian marketing case study

Media & Referral Feedback – Last week I received a very gracious email from a current client letting me know that the print ad that was running spurred a call from an old contact in the industry. They discussed how the caller had found them (the ad) and then proceeded to let my client know that he had been looking for a trusted place to refer their customers for types of work they don’t themselves offer.

In a highly competitive industry that focuses on custom work, a referral source is gold. People do not refer unless they feel highly confident in the source they are advocating, and this instance would not have occurred without the ad in the first place. Ads for the win.

Frustrated with non-equine agencies or agents just wanting to sell ads?  You get the benefit of my broad experience in marketing and my life-long passion for riding. I find ways to aim your program at the people that are the most interested in you. Want to know more? Contact me at 585-748-9918 or email me directly.