January 26, 2017

Marketing E-books & Workbooks

Book – Top Tips for Equine Marketing

top marketing tipsGet these up-to-date, actionable tips and advice on marketing tips for small or start up equestrian businesses. Everything from business secrets to quick fixes you can do in minutes to improve your visibility or brand cache`.

Covers digital marketing strategy, branding, social media, silly mistakes to avoid looking like an amateur and other important things to keep in mind as you go to market.

Whether you are a riding instructor, equine product manufacturer or tack shop, this book is chock full of Full Gallop Goodness that you can implement directly into your program.

  • The 5 most important things you MUST have on your website
  • How to define your business to others – your value proposition
  • Not everyone is your target audience
  • The difference between advertising and marketing
  • Understanding the difference between features and benefits

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Product Launch Worksheet

product launch worksheet

Product Launch Worksheet






This pre- and post-launch worksheet covers ALL the steps for a successful launch plan for a new product, from naming the product to shipping decisions, all the way through setting up your marketing launch plan and other promotions.

Keep on track when juggling multiple product launches and get the exposure your products need to sell.

I developed this from my years of corporate product launching experience and it works!

This is an .xlsx document that will download when you check out.

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Essential Brand Story Builder Workbook

Essential brand story workbookTell your brand story and get noticed!

This workbook walks you through the process of defining who you are to your customers and creating a value statement for your business.

By following my process, you will have a workable brand or business explanation that is ready to hand off to a creative for visual brand creation or to use on your website and other marketing materials.

Perfect for any small to mid-sized business that is having difficulty standing out in the ring, or a new business just getting started.

This is a PDF download file which you will receive at checkout.

$99 Investment    

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