August 24, 2016


Hi, I’m Amanda MacDonald and I’m an equestrian marketing consultant who specializes in equine and pet businesses to define their marketing strategies and attract more pre-qualified customers.

Amanda MacDonaldAs we work together to identify and refine your unique story, I’ll teach you to efficiently find and connect with new and existing customers to develop a marketing plan that grows with your business. It doesn’t need to be complex, just tailored to your place in the industry, your skill set, and budget. To start with, I can show you a few simple things that can drive more traffic to your business and improve your brand, from creating a compelling logo to demystifying social media and PR placement.

Whether you are a manufacturer or a retailer, I bring a deep understanding of marketing and strategy to help you decide how to most effectively get the most out of your advertising media planning to create and maintain a unique and tantalizing brand. Big or small, I can show you how to compete and grow your own strong following.

Knowledge, passion, and hard work – that’s Full Gallop.

I’ve spent my career finding the differentiators that add value in both service and product-based arenas. Understanding the intricacies of a manufacturing business with sensitivity to on-time delivery, quality products, and outstanding customer service has honed my ability to develop targeted messaging and positioning – whether aimed at an end customer or retailer sales.

I’ve mastered branding, content marketing strategy and digital marketing strategy, and led successful teams to bring it all together.

So it’s a pleasure to offer my services and knowledge to those who make my life more enjoyable, and to bring new products and services to others to keep our horses happy and healthy.

AWARDS: 2017 Equestrian Creative Network Awards Winner


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Phone:  585-748-9918